Connected Transport Corridor launched in South-Holland province

The Connected Transport Corridor Greater Rotterdam will officially launch in the province of South Holland on 12 December 2019. Participating transporters will be equipped with connected technology, enabling communication with intelligent traffic lights. In addition, trucks will be scheduled as a convoy and drive behind each other at a wide and safe following distance. This approach should relieve current and future traffic bottlenecks in the auction area.

Intelligent traffic lights
The Corridor in South Holland comprises ten routes across roads in the Westland, Oostland and Waal-Eemhaven areas, with a total of 35 intelligent traffic lights. During the kick-off on 12 December, the first 3 will be put into operation. The intelligent traffic light detects oncoming traffic and gives priority to the convoy of trucks. Drivers are notified via their board computer or phone about the recommended speed to get a green light and also receive customised information about traffic jams, roadworks and speed limits. This type of information exchange is possible thanks to new software and integrated government data in logistics systems.

Scaling up thanks to cooperation

For this approach, the province of South Holland is working together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and various regional partners, such as the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam Den Haag, VNO-NCW West and Greenport West-Holland and regional road authorities and entrepreneurs.

Commissioner Floor Vermeulen: “Together with stakeholders, we are taking an important step with the Connected Transport Corridor to improve traffic flow on our busy logistics roads. Transport will become more efficient and sustainable. As trucks brake and accelerate less, fuel consumption is reduced considerably. This results in substantial cost savings for the logistics sector and CO2 emissions decrease significantly.”

As part of the national Connected Transport Corridors program, the Amsterdam, Zeeland and South Netherlands regions are realising similar solutions. This nationwide approach will allow drivers to use the benefits of the Connected Transport Corridor on the entire route in the future.

Experience drivers included

Drivers play an essential role in connected driving. Eric de Winter, director of De Winter Logistics: “As an industry, we have been involved in the plans from the beginning. In previous pilots, such as the Experience Week Connected Transport, the experience of drivers was investigated. They reported experiencing more comfort and peace of mind because they are better informed. Within the Connected Transport Corridors, those experiences are now being realised on a permanent basis.”