Kamps Transport B.V. was founded in 1957 by Henny Kamps. Henny and his wife Lida are still active in the family business Kamps Transport. Nowadays, the management is in the hands of son Bob and daughter Alda.

Over the years, Kamps Transport B.V. has transported all kinds of goods, in the early years the transports were mainly sand, gravel, soil and paper. In 1964, forklift trucks were added. This proved to be an important development for the company. Transporting forklift trucks and other internal means of transport has grown into one of the pillars of the company. In addition, Kamps Transport B.V. transports everything within its capabilities.

In 1991, the company moved from location Delftsestraatweg to Katwijkerlaan, while still remaining in Pijnacker. In the nineties, Kamps Transport B.V. grew stormily, which prompted the company to shift its focus on additional range of services surrounding the turn of the century.

In 2001, the location at Katwijkerlaan proved to be too small, which lead the company to expand. On 29 March 2002, the new premises at industrial estate De Boezem in Pijnacker were taken into use.

In 2005, the warehousing capacity was greatly expanded by the addition of a second warehouse on business park De Boezem, measuring at about 2300 m2.

In 2015, warehousing at Kamps Transport B.V. expanded with a warehouse in Bergschenhoek of 4700m2. This was a big step for Kamps Transport B.V. with around 3500 pallet spaces, the company has grown considerably in the storage and transhipment of goods for several customers.

In 2020, Kamps Transport B.V. has a total of 41 trucks and employs around 95 employees.

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